Our history

 The company Rodi Wood Products was founded in 1972 by Guido Rodi. After his purchase of a small traditional woodworkers shop in Brienz, he constantly expanded the range of wooden products, souvenir and gift items. Today, Rodi Wood Products has one of the largest offers in the field of music boxes with real wood inlays, pictures, paintings and carvings.  The music chalets are produced in traditional form and in the usual Swiss quality. In close collaboration with local artisans, our products and accessories in the fields of woodturning, carving, painting and plastic processing are supplemented with the first-class marterials and finishes.


Music boxes in walnut with ballerina inlay
Music boxes in walnut with ballerina inlay

Music boxes made in the best quality with the finest materials.

18 tone musical movement




Best Swiss Quality

In order to live up to these high expectations we make every effort to manufacture our products only with  selected materials of the highest quality.  RODI-MUSIC movements represent the highest level in musical enjoyment which we carfeully install in our lovely music boxes, music chalets and paperweights

We remember with gratitude

Gian Guido Rodi - Fuchs

08.06.1938 - 01.12.2015